BF Bot Manager – Member Offer

Exclusive Offer for Football Advisor Members

By now you will have realised that we are big fans of BF Bot Manager and for good reason. By working closely with BFBM and becoming an experienced power user, I feel it would be fair to say that it has completely transformed my betting – and I believe it can do the same for you.

If you’re not familiar with BF Bot Manager, you can read our detailed guide here


Because has allowed me, and now our members of Football Advisor, to automate so many aspects of our betting. This creates so many benefits when done correctly


  1. Saves time – time that can be better spent on other things
  2. Allowed me to place more bets and not miss bets by either mistake, forgetfulness or different time-zones
  3. Increases discipline and mental control – massively – because you don’t have to watch the bets all the time, you can let the Bot do it’s thing and not make those ‘heat of the moment’ mistakes or loss chasing
  4. It’s just really f**king cool and works like a dream


We know many of you are avid and active users of BF Bot Manager and you are attracted to our suite of automated betting strategies.

So we went to the team at BF Bot Manager and put them on the spot – and they delivered in spades

Instead of the usual 5 day free trial – you can now trial the platform completely for free (no credit card needed) for a whole 20 days, that’s almost three weeks.

You won’t find this offer on their website. So you’ll need to click the banner below to take advantage

If you do decide to continue on after the 20 day trial then you’ll need to purchase a license.

Our recommendation is take the annual plan if you can. It’s a little more money up-front but it is by far and away the most cost effective way to license their technology – at last check it brings it down to just £9.99 a month, so you’r saving more than 60%


Get started with BF Bot Manager and your 20 day free trial here