BF Bot Manager – Setup Guide

We’re big fans of BF Bot Manager and for good reason. By working closely with BFBM and becoming an experienced power user, I feel it would be fair to say that it has completely transformed my betting – and I believe it can do the same for you.

If you have a desire to Automate your betting profits, we have been able to put together an amazing and exclusive trial offer for you. Read the full details here.


For each service that we operate with BF Bot Manager option, you will find a detailed setup instructions specific to that service.

Further to this, we have included some useful videos below, kindly provided by BF Bot Manager, which answer many of the common questions.

This is not a full user guide to BF Bot Manager. For that we recommend visiting the BF Bot Manager site and accessing all of their helpful resources. They also have an excellent support team which can be contacted at [email protected]



Part 1 – BF Bot Manager Overview

Part 2 – Auto Loading Markets


Part 3 – Strategies


Part 4 – Bets and Results


Part 5 – Ladders and Manual Bets


Part 6 – Automated Betting On Tips