Football Profits – Introduction

We truly believe this is the best football betting service we have ever put together and is truly the answer to your search for Football Profits


What’s on offer with Football Profits

As part of Football Profits, we delivering you not one, but two hugely profitable betting models.

These aren’t flash in the pan tips, they are based on months and months of cold hard analysis, statistics and facts.

What is Football Profits?

We have categorised Football Profits into two profit busting models.


Football Profits – Strong Favourites

Generally we are targeting selections which pass our exacting criteria and which are priced between 1.50 and 2.50.

In the last four full calendar years, these selections have delivered

  • 1,042 bets
  • 700 winners at a strike rate of 67.2%
  • Average odds are 1.82
  • Calculated Edge is 12.4 and with an Archie Score of 14.8
  • Longest winning run of 12



This is no fluke either. We have run these results through our internal Monte Carlo assessment tool and the results passed in more than 10,000 iterations. In fact, our results were showing a 6%+ ROI, while the average return based on the simulations was 9%


Football Profits – Value Backs

Our second model targets what we call ‘value’ backs. Not because the Strong Fancies are not value, as they most definitely are, with an edge of 12.4%, but because we are targeting higher priced selections. Generally between 2/1 and 6/1.

The consistency behind this model is quite remarkable and has averaged a 100 point return per calendar year for the last five years.

  • 2,180 bets
  • 500 winners with a strike rate of 25.2%
  • Averaged odds are 5.72
  • While are calculated Edge is 22.6% and with an Archie Score of 26.8%
  • Despite these odds, our longest winning run was 7 bets

This model is super easy to follow and all results are based on a single point, level stakes approach.