FA Racing – Automation – via BF Bot Manager

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FA Racing Automation 

Follow the steps below to setup FA Racing for full automation utilising the BF Bot Manager integration (third-party subscription required).

FA Racing has been designed to work exclusively with BF Bot Manager, which is our recommend automated betting partner.

You can find out more about BF Bot Manager here. If you own a copy of BF Bot Manager and wish to automate the bet placement of FA Racing, please follow these simple steps.

1. How Does It Work

Quite simply, once you have followed the steps below. We will publish the day’s selections direct to your BF Bot Manager Platform (must be connected to the internet). The Strategy file that we share below will then monitor the markets and place the bets for you. In effect, once you have set it up, there is nothing else for you to do accept monitor the results and profits.


2. Custom BF Bot Manager Link

To enable you to receive the daily selections, you will need to use the below link to connect your BF Bot Manager to our platform.

This is the URL that you need to use to create the connection:



3. Strategy File Download

Below is a download link to the latest version of the strategy file for FA Racing

Version: 2.00

Download > FA Racing 2.0

Last updated: 09/11/20


Important: The strategy file is designed specifically for BF Bot Manager. You will not be able to open outside of the BF Bot Manager Platform.


4. How To Setup FA Racing Lays on BF Bot Manager

We have a more detailed guide to using BF Bot Manager here.

In the meantime, here is the simple process for installing and setting up the strategy. If you encounter any problems, please ready our detailed guide first, which you can find here.

1. Install the Strategy




2.  How To Set Your Stake

Go to STRATEGIES and find your STRATEGY in the list

>> OPEN the Strategy

>>> Click on STAKING

>>>> Click on EDIT Level / Initial Stake

>>>>> Set your STAKE

>>>>>> Click SAVE


3. Connecting BF Bot Manager with Our Platform (receiving tips) > Got to your BF Bot Manager Platform And Click On Strategies

> Look to the right of the Menu Bar and find Manage Tips – click on that

>> Click on “Tips Auto Loading”

>>> Complete the settings as per the below and then click Save

a. Make sure you have a tick box in “Active”

b. Give it a name under Tipster Service – this can be anything you like

c. Insert your personal URL:  https://us-central1-football-advisor.cloudfunctions.net/robottips?product=fa-racing&user=

d. Set the Time for it to check for a Download – e.g. 8am GMT

e. If for any reason we are late uploading the file or you think your tips haven’t loaded, you can use the “Reload” button next to the URL

f. Then Click SAVE And that’s it, once you have completed these steps you are good to go.

Now FA Racing is completely hands off and 100% Automated.