FA Racing – Introduction

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Our improved FA Racing Model has generated

  • Almost 300 points profit since 2017
  • Averaging a strike rate of 40%
  • An ROI of 10.63%

Not only that, but two other things really stand out to me which I think you’re going to love.

1. It averages winners on 65%+ of the betting days that we have selections – that is phenomenal

We all know that one of the hardest things about winning at betting is mentally surviving the losing periods and downswings. Even the best services can experience a long series of ours – but FA Racing guarantees you’ll pick up at least one winner in two days out of three on average.

I really can’t stress how important that is. Even if you don’t make a profit on a given day, having at least one winner on most betting days can do wonders for the mental well being and perception of how your betting is going.

2. Short on time?

If you are a BF Bot Manager user, then you can fully automate the service with our custom integration direct to your Bot.

Literally all you need to do is follow our simply 5 minute setup installation and then all you need to do is check how many winners you have each day.

Massive time save!

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