(Bank Builder) How does it work?

1. Set aside a betting bank you are comfortable with – can be as low as a 100 pounds

2. Divide the betting bank in to 3 – e.g. 33.33

3. Take 1/3 of the betting bank (33.33) and this is your stake for your next bet

4. We repeat this process over and over until our bank has grown sufficiently to meet our goals

5. You can recalculate your stake each day or after each bet – it is up to you

We will recalculate the stake each day for simplicity and to ensure everyone has the same stake and returns.

On some days we may have more than one bet (e.g. a Saturday) say, with one kicking off at 3pm and another at 8pm. You may want to recalculate your stake after the 3pm game before the 8pm game. This is a slightly more aggressive approach to growing your bank – but either approach is fine – daily or per game

All that said, we will make this super easy for everyone. We will tell you exactly how much to stake, on which team, in which market each day…

You can also read a full quick start guide for using Bank Builder here

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