(Bank Builder) I’ve seen something similar before where this was offered and then they disappeared after a few poor results

I know exactly the types of schemes being referred to here. They are basically banking on a hot streak and if they miss, they just disappear again.
There are two reasons why we are different.
1. This has the Football Advisor name on it and we have been around for 4+ years. So we’re not going anywhere
2. Our staking plan is based on bank preservation first and profit second. Our model, which we’ll reveal to members, it is basically almost impossible to lose you bank – something like 99.9% that you won’t. The only way people can fail at this is through a lack of patience – if we hit a losing patch, they give up, where as it may take some time to recoup but eventually we push back to profit
You basically have to go into this with the mindset that you will most likely double your bank in a couple of weeks. But, it may take a couple of months if we get off to a slow start.

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