(Bank Builder) What are ‘Cycles’?

This is cycle 1 and our target is to double the betting bank – e.g. taking a betting bank of 100 pounds to 200 pounds in one cycle.

It is our clear intention that we will run many successful cycles in the future. Once we are successful in cycle 1 and decide to join cycle 2, you will have a couple of options.

1. Start with the same betting bank and go again

2. Take some of your profit (e.g. you initial 100 pounds) and start with a betting bank of 200 – this way you are playing only with winnings and you are compounding your betting bank. When you have done this 5, 10 or even 20 times your betting bank (and profits) will be significantly higher then where you start out with today. Bear this in mind when deciding you first betting bank – don’t think about how much you want to make on this cycle, be conservative and think about the profits you can make in a year or more from now if following this diligently over time.

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