(Bank Builder) What is a ‘Wild Card’?

As mentioned, when we do hit the inevitable losing patch on one of the cycles, we have found a way to combat this. We can spend a few weeks or months slowly rebuilding the bank. Or, we can use what we call a wild card one-time in a cycle.

A wild card is reserve bank we have held back separate to your initial starting bank and amounts to 50% of your original bank. For example:

– You start with a betting bank of 1,000

– You lose 60% of it and now have 400

– You can use a wild card and raise the bank back to 900

Why? It means your stakes will be higher again to catch the upswing meaning you claw back your losses quicker and get back into the black. The target bank growth goes up by the same amount. So if we were looking to double, then we would now aim for a bank growth of 1,500

It’s important that this is only used once in a cycle and we will advise when, if at all, to consider using this.

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