(Bank Builder) What is the Staking and Strategy

Our unique staking strategy ensure bank preservation and protection first and it has been designed to ensure that it is virtually impossible for you to lose all of your betting bank. While, at the same time, ensuring rapid bank growth, through compounding, as we hit the inevitable winning streaks these types of selections will deliver.

The only enemy that you potentially have is patience. This is important to note, it is almost impossible for you not to succeed at this, but if we have a slow start or hit a couple of losers, it can take a bit of time to make back the losses before kicking back into profit. The only way you will lose is if you do not have patience to keep going.

An example, on one cycle a couple of years ago the bank went down by 80% – now if you had given up here you would have lost – but after a few months we built that back up and then quickly went through several cycles of doubling and tripling our bank. So again, I reiterate the need for patience when a cycle hits a slow patch – it may not be this cycle, it may not be for another 10 or 20 cycles, but one day we will revisit a scenario like this where we need patience to build back up.

Two additional things to note in relation to this.

1. Choose a betting bank size for this that you are comfortable with and that you would have no problem continuing with, even if faced with a temporary 80% bank drop

2. We have a strategy to combat the time it takes to rebuild during a losing period in a cycle, which Ill discuss in a moment


You can also read a full quick start guide for using Bank Builder here

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