How do I lay using Betfair SP?

For our lay betting services (FA Racing Lays and Football Advisor Lays), we advise the following in relation to laying and Betfair SP.

Our primary recommendation is to place the lays at a fixed stake as close to the off as possible, but we have outlined a few different options which members can choose from based on their personal circumstances.
1. We have to record results at Betfair SP as this is the only consistent and accessible time-point for getting official results with our max lay parameter.
2. Our primary advice to members is to place their lay bets as close to the off as possible if trying to match the official results. If that is not an option, then the next option would be to use one of the many automated betting software products to do this instead – you can easily set these to place a bet 5-10 seconds before the off. A few options that we have personally used in the past include Gruss Betting, Grey Horse Bot but there are many options available.
3. If wishing to lay exactly as per our results on Betfair SP, then we suggest doing so to a fixed liability of 1 point. With a 40 point betting bank.
Note this is a lower betting bank than our initial recommendation as you would be betting to liability over stake. However, assuming the £ amount of your betting bank is the same, it would mean your 1 point stake is higher, resulting in similar returns to our 1pt fixed stake bets.

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