I see a selection in FA Racing AND FA Racing Lays?

“You have advised selection A to win on and for it to be a lay?”

Firstly, we would like to point out that this situation will arise very, very rarely. Perhaps once in a 100 or so bets on average.
The reason for it occurring is that the models behind RBP and RLP are distinct and unique. On a rare occasion they will provide conflicting information such as we saw yesterday.
We keep the selection in for both services for two reasons. 1) we have members who are only members of one of the services, so purely for data and service integrity we provide each selection as it was originally generated. For those who are members of both services, they have the option to place both the back and lay bet, ignore the bet or do what I do, which is place the back bet and if the prices drop in the lead up to the off, I will place the lay bet to lock in a profit rather than a zero sum outcome.
The other reason we keep the selections in is because on the lay side, we do have the maximum liability. So it is entirely possible that even though we have recommended it as a lay, it will not qualify at the off, yet still present value for us on the back side due to the higher odds.
Ultimately though, this will be a rare occurrence and, if it’s easier, you can simply ignore those bets on the odd occasion it comes up.

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