What is “The Lab”

We discuss “The Lab” in detail in this article. It is available to all “Portfolio” members.

We have had a number of you email in asking for more details about the “The Lab” which we are delighted to answer here.

The Lab is something we are very excited about and we are really looking forward to sharing it with you. In essence, it is a space where we can share with you the latest betting strategies, systems and methodologies that we have been cooking up over the last 12 months (and sometimes longer).

One of the aspects of being successful, long-term, with any form of betting is being flexible, adaptable and consistently striving to identify new opportunities to keep one-step ahead of the bookies. Identifying these opportunities can come about in any number of ways

  • Analyse and revising existing data and trends
  • Tweaking existing methodologies to ensure value is still present
  • Testing and monitoring new theories and ideas
  • Speaking to fellow punters and learning what they are doing and how you might adapt it to suit you
  • Accessing new tools, data and software – either through self creation or through respected third-parties
  • And so on..

Here at Football Advisor, this is something we do constantly and we have a whole file of ideas to explore at a later date (We call it the icebox). I admit, testing ideas, getting down and dirty into data and spending hours in excel is not everyones cup of tea but, call me what you like, it is actually something I really enjoy even to this day.

Perhaps its simply the joy after going down many (many!) blind alley’s, the reward of finding and validating a new way to make money and profit from betting that I am addicted too, maybe even more than the money itself.

Anyway, so that’s a little bit of the back story to set the scene – so what the hell is “The Lab”


You can read the full article here

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