What is your refund policy?

You can read our full website Terms and Conditions here. Below is an extract from this related to our refunds policy:

We ​offer a 12 month, money back guarantee, on our FULL Portfolio product only. This will be based on the Football Advisor publicised results related to this service only. We reserve the right to remove this offer at anytime. It will be at Football Advisor final discretion whether the requirements for a refund have been met.

For all other services and subscriptions, we operate a no refund policy. All subscriptions are managed by PayPal and it is the users discretion to ensure that all PayPal subscriptions are terminated. If we have been advised in writing we will accept refunds within 48 hours of the payment being taken. If you have not advised us of your wish to cancel prior to requesting a refund then a refund will be refused.

Please submit any refund request within ​the above time periods to [email protected]

If you have entered into a subscription for one of the products or services we offer, you understand you will be billed automatically for every subscription cycle.

This may be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly (or any other time period) and will be confirmed to you in your initial confirmation email. Unless specifically stated in your initial confirmation email, your subscription is not subject to any contracted time period but will run continuously until such time you cancel it, or make contact by email to cancel your next transaction.

The amount you are billed for every subscription cycle will be confirmed to you in your initial confirmation email. If your subscription is not on a fixed contract, this amount may be subject to future change. Should this occur, you will always be given advance notice by email.

Should you have any concerns over a recurring payment or subscription, please contact us via [email protected]

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