Why you should look beyond Betfair

Why you should be an Exchange-Tart

Before I begin, I must give original credit to Pete from the Secret Betting Club for the below explanation and coining the phrase “Exchange-tart”

All of our services results for laying are taking at Betfair live price (football) and Betfair SP for horse racing, with 5% commissioned. Over to Pete…

If laying at Betfair SP, then naturally you are restricted to using Betfair, yet for those of you placing lays in other markets, I want to encourage you to look at alternative firms.

Just like people who chop and change credit cards are ‘rate-tarts’, I want to encourage you to be a bookmaker-tart (or indeed exchange-tart)!
Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq offer low commission alternatives to Betfair and the difference between Betfair’s 5% base-line rate and the 2% with Smarkets and Betdaq can be vast.
Take an example of a football laying tipster available to SBC members, who’s results we record at Betfair’s 5% commission rates as standard. During 2018 from 188 lays, it has made a 55.8 point profit at 8.4% ROI to this metric.
If you had placed each bet with Smarkets or Betdaq and enjoyed their 2% commission rates, this profit would have risen to 60.27 points profit at 9.0% ROI. An extra 4.47 points profit in your pocket, simply for using a different website to place your lays.
Forget brand or company loyalty when it comes to bookies – it can hurt your bottom-line. Simply use the best value exchange on offer. Be an exchange-tart.

I love that phrase ‘exchange-tart’. Thanks Pete.

And to add one further point to those mentioned above. We ran price monitoring for our Football Advisor Match Lays service for 3 months and if 76.4% of the cases, it was possible to achieve a better price at either Smarkets or Matchbook, over Betfair, where all three had the market available.

In summary

  • You can earn more profit and ROI simply by looking at alternate exchanges to Betfair
  • In fact, with a little effort on your part (exchange-tart) you should be able to comfortably be able to beat the official results, of our portfolio which are limited to Betfair and Betfair SP
  • Often times, simply the difference in commission fees can add up to a sizable difference in your profit by mixing up your exchange usage
  • In our own analysis, you could frequently beat the advised prices of our Football Lays by placing them at Smarkets and/or Matchbook

With that in mind, it is highly recommended that you have accounts with at least the following Betting Exchanges:

Betfair – The biggest betting exchange and has the best liquidity which makes it very easy to place bets and get matched. Betfair operate on a 5% commission basis on all winning bets. Also have a premium charge (20%) bracket for higher turnover punters which is cal- culated as follows: Premium Charge = % of weeks pro t – weeks generated commission. Betfair accept the following deposit/withdrawal methods: Debit cards (Delta, Switch, Elec- tron and Solo), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), E-Wallets (Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, etc).

Smarkets – The 2nd biggest betting exchange and has fair liquidity. Smarkets operate on a 2% commission basis on all winning bets. Smarkets Betfair accept the following deposit/ withdrawal methods: Debit cards (Delta, Switch, Electron and Solo), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), E-Wallets (Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, etc).

Matchbook have also consistently done well in our odds analysis and, like Smarkets, offer competitive commission rates.

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