Major League Soccer – Betting Guide

MLS Betting Guide: How to Beat Lazy Bookmakers & Profit from Football in America!

The new American Major League Soccer (MLS) season begins on February 29, 2020. It is the 25th season and is set to become one of the biggest and most analysed ever. The future growth of sports betting in the United States means the MLS will likely be the subject of more wagers than ever before.

Now you may be asking, why should punters on this side of the water be interested in the MLS? After all, it supposedly features groups of substandard players and former stars of European leagues who are well past their best. As it happens, the quality in the MLS is rising all the time, they are entertaining games to watch with plenty of goals and, most importantly…

it provides a potential goldmine for dedicated bettors around the world.

The continued growth of the league may change things in years to come. For now, however, there is a window of opportunity where profitability is very much possible. Those who focus closely on MLS would say it is almost inevitable. Right now, bookmakers don’t put nearly enough resources into the league, compared to the major European nations. Why waste time and effort on a league that earns a mere fraction of money received from the English Premier League, for example?

When bookies do pay attention, it is usually to fading superstars such as Zlatan Ibrahimović. They ensured you couldn’t get much value betting on ‘Big Z,’ but he isn’t the only player to light up the MLS. Unlikely players such as Bradley Wright Phillips and Josef Martinez score goals for fun in the league.

Even then, it can be hard to find good value on the leading lights of the league. Fortunately, for those willing to do just a little bit of work, there is a treasure trove of betting opportunities, and that’s why Football Advisor has created this guide.

If you like betting on the Summer Leagues, you are going to love wagering on the MLS! Even basic things, such as team news, and the fact that teams have to travel very long distances to away games, don’t always get reflected in the odds and present massive opportunities.

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