Second Half Football Trading Strategy – Introduction

Using our extensive database of football data and trading signals  we discovered something interesting, while conducting analysis on the performance of teams in the second of half of matches when the game is nil nil (0-0) at half time.

The fruits of this analysis are in the download at the bottom of this page.

As a quick overview, to conduct this analysis we segmented every match in our database where the score at half time was 0-0.

This gave us 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of games to potentially analysis. These games were taken from more than 50 leagues and competitions spread across all of the major leagues globally.

We then took a further subset of those games – a little over 4,000 – to make it manageable and allow us to conduct our analysis.

Once comfortable with our findings these 4,000 games were modelled using a Monte Carlo tool to randomise the data using tens of thousands of iterations.

This has allowed us to pinpoint several instances within a match where it is most optimal to enter a bet or trade. These can take the form of straight bets or trades and we have couple examples of each within the guide.

In short, the guide you are about to access could see you winning 87% of your bets or trades with a clearly defined edge with value backed into every trade / bet.

>>> Download Here: Second Half Trading