Debut Destroyer – Introduction

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What is Debut Destroyers

With Debut Destroyers (DD), we exploit a gap in the market and focus on high quality horses, that are changing racing categories but have flown under the radar, and are entering the race under-exposed and under-bet by the market.

To confirm our selections we look at a variety of factors to ensure that these ‘newbies’ are actually primed to make a splash in this new racing categories, including looking at the jockey and trainers involved and whether we feel they are under rated.

It’s funny really, once you know what to look for, you can soon tell whether an under-bet debutant is actually a lively chance and could make all the running.

The Jockey’s know this.

The Trainers know this.

And now YOU will know this.

The last important factor is that we are only betting at 13/1 and higher. So every selection will be at big odds and providing us with high value and margin.


Would you like to back winners at 200/1, 120/1, 70/1 and 50/1?

Would you like to, on a fairly regular basis, be hitting winners as high as 200/1, 120/1 70/1 and 50/1

While also hitting a solid number of 20/1, 18/1, 15/1 and 14/1?

Or place winners at 30/1, 21/1, 20/1, and 12/1?

I’m pretty sure the answer will be yes… and that is why I want to share with you my private model, Debut Destroyers.



Would you like your Betfair Statements to look like these?

– Donacheady Gale won at 51.91 BSP on the 21st June

– We also pick up a place return of 12.00 BSP

– A few days earlier, on the 15th June, Crossfirehurricane landed at 14.07 BSP

– While the place paid out nicely again at just over 3/1

– On the 11th June, Mankayan landed at a tasty 37.09

– And we collected again on the 6th June, with Rewritetherules winning at 34.89



Those returns look incredible Jon, how realistic is to achieve those?

Great question and this really goes to the heart of why this a) takes a disciplined, focused and patient punter to make this work and b) why you, fitting this profile, have received this email when many others haven’t. This email has only gone out to about 5% of our usual membership base.

What kind of strike rates are we looking at here?

Again, another great question.

Lets look at the numbers for a moment.

– The average BSP price of one of our selections is 177.00

– The average SP price is 40/1

– The average Place BSP price is 22.70

So this is most definitely not for the faint hearted

We’re going to be winning in the region of 4-8% of the time

But if you are also following the Place (or EW) bets, then that will rise to about 21-22% (5% average on win and 16.4% average on place), which is certainly more palatable

Putting that another way, one in five bets should be returning place monies. While, one in twenty will be a winner but likely to be averaging a big, big price when it does (40/1 at SP and much higher at BSP)

How much money can we make with this?

Well, over the last 3+ years, you’d be up to over 1,000 points profit. But this is not a model for backing at £20, £50, £100 (unless you have a whopping betting bank, but even then you’d struggle to get matched).

No, this is suitable to betting between £1 and £10 per point. I personally bet each selection between £3 and £6, depending on whether I am backing win-only or win and place.

But lets say that’s an average of 350 points profit a year (I actually think it’s higher) and you are betting £5 a point. That is still a clear £1750 profit (after 12 months subs), that leaves you with just shy of £1,700 profit. More than enough for a decent holiday at the end of the year.

How much work is involved?

I’m glad this question came up.

It is a higher volume model but it is really easy to just place all your bets at BSP each morning – takes about 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can let us fully automate this for you – more on this in a moment

How you dealing with the losing runs Jon, they must be quite long at times based on the odds

Another smart question – thats why I emailed this group 🙂

The way I deal with losing runs and keeping a sense of balance, particularly with a model such as this is to automate as much as possible.

To do this, I use BF Bot Manager.


I upload my selections in the morning and then the whole transactional and bet placement element is removed. The bot monitors the markets and places the bet. I then don’t look at it until the next day when I upload my selections. If we’ve had a big winner, I do a little fist pump. If not, I just upload the new selections and move on with my day. It really helps keeping the emotion in check.

Here’s a snapshot from my own BF Bot Manager. I had to reset the data as there was an important update to BF Bot Manager which I needed to install but since I restarted it on the 17th June, it has made £176.87 from just £3 stakes. Thats a whopping 58.96 points profit in around two weeks!

Furthermore, we have just complete a new custom integration that will means that even the uploading of bets will be removed for members. We’ll simply be able to push the selections directly into your Bot each day without you having to lift a finger. Pretty good hey.

You can literally set this up on day one and just leave it running for the rest of the year and segment it from the rest of your betting. Then at the end of the 12 months count and withdraw your profits.

We’re doing some final testing on this now and it will be available to ALL members in the next couple of weeks and Debut Destroyer will be the first service that will have this available. Completely hands off betting profits 🙂



Debut Destroyer is currently closed to new members. If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of Debut Destroyer and have first opportunity to join the service should new places be opened up, please enter your details below.