Betting U – Coming Soon


We have described the U in a number of ways since we developed the concept.

U = You

It is all about YOU and your betting.

What we can do and how we can support you in improving your betting.

U = University

It’s about education. Tools. Training. Insights. Knowledge Sharing and more.

The one thing it is not about is outlandish claims, fast riches or even faster cars.

Rather it is about

U = Unlimited Potential

Not our unlimited potential but YOURS.

No matter your background, your interests, betting style, financial situation. Betting U can help you.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing the decades worth of knowledge that myself and each of my team have built up over the years, as we have stayed one, two and sometimes three steps ahead of the bookies.

It’s distilling everything we have learned, everything we do each day and all the tools we can provide to raise your betting level.

We hope to package it in such a way that it will be valueable and benefical to all our members. Allowing you to access the parts that interest you or where you want to strengthen your knowledge and expertise.

Oh and did I mention it’s free to all Football Advisor members? 

 – Watch this space, the first releases of Betting U will be coming very soon…