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How to set up the Betting Bot for Automated Trading

These strategy files are created to work with Betfair using BF Bot Manager only.

>>> Inside Track – Trading Prophet – v4.0 17.02.20

>>> Apex – Trading Prophet – v4.0 17.02.20

(Last updated, 17th February 2020)


If you do not currently have a BF Bot Manager subscription, you can get one here. With this exclusive link, you can enjoy a full 20 days for free (there are a variety of membership plans, but we recommend the annual one, which brings the average cost down to just £9.99) – More information here

First, let us address a few commonly asked questions.


  1. Do I need to autoload any markets?

No. The uploads which we will send directly to your BF Bot will have all the information required. There is nothing for you to do, or any additional rules that you need to set


2. How does the live scores get tracked

From version 3.1.12 bot will automatically get live scores, match information and historical results from our server that gets data from third party service. This means that all users of v3.1.12 or higher version will automatically have this information in their bots when they load football markets! This information does not include in play statistics.

For a more detailed explanation of live scores and other match data, please read this article:

3. How reliable is the Bot – anything that I should know?

This is an important question and there are some key implications of using a bot that you need to understand and accept before entering the market with real money.

Firstly, there is no software or bot that is 100% reliable, as they all depend on information provided to them and if that information is invalid or not provided then bot may not do its job properly on that particular occasion.

There can be many problems that can prevent bot from placing bets, like:
1. failed live data streams at Betfair or football live score providers
2. suspended market because Betfair does not have live coverage of event
3. server errors
4. network connection issues
5. market offer is bad as market makers decided not to manage that match e.g. people that offer generic prices at all markets, they simply did not use their bots to make offer on that market during in play
6. many other issues that we cannot think now but happen rarely

It is important that you understand and accept these realities. We can provide no guarantees on performance of the betting bot, nor accept any liability.


How To Setup Trading Prophet on BF Bot Manager

We have a more detailed guide to using BF Bot Manager here In the meantime, here is the simple process for installing and setting up the strategy. If you encounter any problems, please ready our detailed guide first, which you can find here.

1. Install the Strategy




2.  How To Set Your Stake

Go to STRATEGIES and find your STRATEGY in the list

OPEN the Strategy

>> Click on STAKING

>>> Click on EDIT Level / Initial Stake

>>>> Set your STAKE

>>>>> Click SAVE


3. Connecting BF Bot Manager with Our Platform (receiving tips) > Got to your BF Bot Manager Platform And Click On Strategies


> Look to the right of the Menu Bar and find Manage Tips – click on that

> Click on “Tips Auto Loading”

>> Complete the settings as per the below and then click Save

a. Make sure you have a tick box in “Active”

b. Give it a name under Tipster Service – this can be anything you like

c. Insert your personal URL  

Inside Track:

Apex Racing:

d. Set the Time for it to check for a Download – e.g. 8am GMT

e. If for any reason we are late uploading the file or you think your tips haven’t loaded, you can use the “Reload” button next to the URL

f. Then Click SAVE


And that’s it, once you have completed these steps you are good to go.

Now Inside Track and Apex Racing is completely hands off and 100% Automated.